Tubelight Ki Eid announces to start social buzz

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Salman Khan starrer Tubelight movie is ready to release in coming Eid 2017. A teaser of the movie with hashtag TublightKiEid is announced today to start the buzz of the movie. It’s a simple teaser where few young kids are making noise to a Tubelight to stay ON. They are screaming together Jaljaa Jaljaa and keep repeating it as soon as it is on. Finally it shows the social media handles of Tubelight Ki Eid to be followed by the fans and viewers.

With that it is confirm that Tubelight is going to be crazy movie the season this Eid .Salman Khan has already given many hits during Eid season in last few years, and Tubelight will be another one to keep him wishing monstrous Eid this year. The poster and trailer of the movie is still to be out. But as we already informed, its possible that Poster of the movie will be out by ending week of April month, and Trailer is possible to out in first week of May 2017.

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